At Norwinn, we have a tradition of being committed to environmental responsibility. From the materials we use to the way we manufacture our products and run our facility, we try to look for ways to lessen our environmental impact. And over the years we’ve found that this is just as important to you, our customers, as it is to us. So to share our commitment to the environment with you, we offer “green” product capabilities. We’ll use our experience in building green projects to help you meet your environmental goals.

Learn more about our commitment to the environment:

Our Products

Want a “green” product? We can build it to meet your specifications through:

  • Our experience with CARB and LEED certification projects
  • Use of environmentally friendly material options
  • Our knowledge about green requirements
  • “Green” product capabilities

Our Processes

We build green measures into many of our processes, from reusing or recycling surplus materials to shipping our office furniture in blankets to eliminate the need for packaging.

  • Waste wood is sent to an electrical generating plant instead of a landfill
  • Cardboard, aluminum, and metals are all recycled
  • Dumpsters are covered to prevent rainwater infiltration
  • Nearly 100% of our office furniture is blanket-wrapped so no packaging is necessary
  • We reuse more than 90% of our pallets

Our Facility

We wanted the newest addition to our facility to be easy on the environment, so we specified several energy efficient and environmentally friendly components. We upgraded our existing building to include energy efficient technologies as well.

New Addition

  • Energy efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • State-of-the-art spray booth and paint mixing booth

Existing Building

  • Upgraded to energy efficient lighting
  • Installed new efficient heating and cooling system

We hope that by doing our part to lessen the impact we have on the Earth that the resources and beauty available to us are available to the next generations to come; and we thank you, our customers, for doing your part as well.

Questions about our environmental philosophy or green capabilities? Contact us to learn more.

Download more information about Norwinn here. (PDF)

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